Place Of Children In Oriental New Year

By John Chan

Kids have a special position in the New Year celebrations in China. lets see how the kids have fun during New Year.

New Year is a time when people of both sexes and ages have a cheerful time and enjoy themselves to the maximum and follow a number of traditions but the youngest kids are the ones who have the best time in this season.

After all there are number of advantages of being young. First of all you are free from all the liability when it comes to arranging, managing and taking care of things. This doesn't mean that the kids don't help around the house during the season but it is right that the elders take it real easy on the kids during the Chinese New Year season and let them enjoy to the maximum.

New Year is one time in China when the entire nation is busy enjoying themselves to the maximum. The New Year in China is celebrated with the revival of the old customs. The children while sharing the fun and festivities of the occasion also learn about the history andsource of each event.

The New Year in China has a lot of advantage as far as the kids are concerned. It allows them to have lot of fun with all the festivities but it also imparts significant education in history which children learn through the whole process of celebration. This way they do not dread the lessons and also remember it till they are alive.

The rich cultural heritage of China comes across in a chain of activities that are held during this time of the year. The true essence of China is presented to the kids in a manner that they can absorb. New Year's eve is a time when bed time curfews are removed and the children are allowed to stay up late and engage in all sorts of games.

The elders in China take pains to teach their kids Chinese history and traditions by setting up traditional games so that kids learn from them while enjoy playing them. One of the main games that kids get to play is dominoes which they learn that it originated in China and Chinese are playing it for at least thousand years.

Another game which parents encourage the children to play is an 8th century game of cards. Here the parents create drawings on the cards and kids are made to write a story from the visual. Jianzi game is also played with lot of enthusiasm which is one of the ancient games of China resembling the game of hacky sack played by the kids in modern times.

The greatest joy is the red envelop which the children receive which contains money given by the elders. Hong Bao as the tradition is known as is the best part of Chinese New Year tradition for the kids as they get pocket money to spend on all the nice things that are offered as well as it brings them good luck.

The New Year festival offers a great deal of lessons to the kids as well as pure fun and merry making. They come to enjoy traditional parades like lantern festival and dragon dance which is held over a period of time. - 33385

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