Traditional Mandarin Songs For New Year

By john Chan

Here is a synopsis on how Chinese traditional songs are chosen and sung during the season of the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese really prefer to go all out when the moon signals that the year is over and the new one is on its way. The New Year in China is dependent on the cycle of the moon because they make use of the lunar calendar. Although it's never a full moon when it's the New Year you will still be hearing some howling in the form of Chinese New Year songs.

The Chinese New Year is received very positively by the entire country. It is a time when people are set to bury the past and look into the future with positivity and the hope for prosperity. The festive spirit is high and it seems as though everyone is in their best moods wishing the best for their brothers.

It is no surprise that they have a selection of Chinese New Year songs that have been composed for the purpose of celebrating the coming of the New Year. For your information the Chinese New Year is considered as the most important event of the year according to their lunar calendar. And this is not just now, rather the Chinese New Year celebrations have been going on for many years in the same fashion.

These Chinese songs that are written to welcome the coming New Year is all about love and happiness that the people experience or desires to express with the approaching New Year. These songs justify the love and blind faith that Chinese people have towards their traditions and the pride they have for their country.

The Chinese people are a set of people who love nature and peace even though history states that they have had wars through generations. The fundamental composition of the New Year traditional songs aims to express the nationalistic soul of the Chinese people and sometimes also expresses how they live and what they expect from life.

Chinese people take trmendous pleasure in listening to the New Years songs as they speak about their history and culture. During the festival time, songs seem to be heard on the streets as well as heard coming from inside of the houses. Families get together and together they sing songs in unison celebrating this festive season.

When songs and dances are executed, people also invest on costumes and dressing in a traditional manner. People who do not belong to the Chinese culture might find it weird, but it's a package which comes along with the Chinese culture.

Like the Chinese cultural heritage that is passed on from generations to generations, these New Year traditional songs are pretty much similar for ages now in their compositions. However, many new songs have been composed by the present day musicians but they require a special stage or show to perform it. This has also become a part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. - 33385

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